Sunday, February 21, 2010

plz not again.. :'[

2 oct 2007 i lost my matric x-rumate.. what happened to her? coma for 2 months n docs didn't know what actually da problem but it is related to her brain.. i still remember when i visited her.. i talked to her.. i looked at her.. no reactions from her but only tears from her eyes.. luckily she only suffer for 2 months and do not proceed any operation.. Innalillahirrajiun..nurhayatul akmal end her life at the laz sem of her study in ukm.

laz week i went to the penang hospital.. visiting another friend in neurology ICU.. siti norlis abdul razak a.k.a norlis.. there she's lying on her bed, awake, head with 2 wires, blood stain on the pillow suffering of brain cancer.. she's gone through 2 operation and said "no more procedure after this" to her mom.. she can't stand the pain anymore.. i take a few minutes to motivate myself to go and meet her in her special room.. there i stood in front of her and she gave me a little happy face(but she's not smiling) and said,"weh..". i guessed she knows who i am.. i dunno what to said.. i'm trying to keep myself from crying.. she said,"sakit..sakit sangat..".
me : dh mkn?
norlis : dh.. tp sikit ja.. x lalu..
me : xpa la.. tp kna mkn jugak tau..
norlis : .....
she closed her eyes.. i think she's in pain now.. after a while, she open her eyes but i can only see her white eyeball.. then only she looked at me n i can see the pain in her eyes..
the visiting hour nearly come to end. so i told her that i'm going now n will come to visit her next time. but she said,"xyah dtg dh...". so i said "xpa la...ak nk jmp hg lg n hg tggu la ak dtg lg nnt tau..".

bismillahhirrahmanirrahim..ya Allah ya tuhanku..Engkau ringankanlah bbn yg ditanggung oleh shbtku norlis ini & sembuhkanlah dia dgn segera..amin..

kawan2..ak mntk maaf klau ak ada wat slp n halalkn la sgala yg mgkn ak terambil n mkn..